New way of LIVING

With its comprehensive chain of services, Bosmal City Center Condominium, the Sarajevo's "city within a city," invents a new way of living in Bosnia and Herzegovina

About the project

Bosmal City Center (BCC), the first condominium in this part of the World, was built in the Sarajevo settlement Hrasno. Condominium is a contemporary and private housing area with a controlled entrance, reception, luxuriously equipped apartments and joint facilities for the residents. These facilities are accessible only by the condominium’s residents to guarantee their privacy. The joint facilities include the reception, saunas, swimming pools for adults and children, as well as child care facilities.

The Center has been built using the highest technology and best construction material available in the world.
BCC offers 306 housing units, which include eight penthouses and 298 apartments. The penthouses and apartments can be divided into fourteen different types of housing, with areas of anyway between 80 and 220 square meters. Nine speedy elevators connect the living area with the garages and business center. The whole Center is under video surveillance and is being supervised by a security company using over 200 cameras, motion sensors and other most developed security devices. Communication areas of the Center, the business area and the underground garage with 400 parking spots are being monitored from the Center’s reception area.

Being 118 meters tall, Bosmal City Center is the highest residential building at The Balkans. At the top point of the building, there is a panoramic restaurant with beautiful view of both historic center and new part of the city, as well as the surrounding Olympic Mountains.
At the business area open to the public, it is planned to open two restaurants with meeting bars, a supermarket, hair and cosmetic salons, orthodontist practice, first aid center, ophthalmology practice, vision center, fur salon, jewelry shop, art shop and other exclusive boutiques. A 100 meter long walk path runs through this area connecting the business units.

The total investment value amounts to €120 million which represent the highest Foreign Direct Greenfield Investment in Bosnia and Herzegovina up to date.

Over 70% of the total investment will go to the local companies participating in the project. In 65 companies involved in the construction, there are over 3500 employees.

By being responsible and regular in fulfilling its financial obligations towards the state, including the charges for land administration and other fees, Bosmal d.o.o. has indirectly contributed to development of the city of Sarajevo’s infrastructure. These funds have already used to finance the construction of “Peta transverzala” (The Fifth Transversal) and a bridge over Miljacka River (The Bridge of Malaysian-Bosnian Friendship) which connects the main city avenue with the BCC. 

The construction of the BCC condominium – the Sarajevo “city within a city” represents a beginning of  new trend of investing and life style in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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